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2012 or in press Publications

Response to Sugar Content of Popular Sweetened Beverages Based on Objective Laboratory Analysis: Focus on Fructose Content [pdf]

Goran MI, Walker R., and Allayee H. Genetic-related and carbohydrate-related factors affecting liver fat accumulation. Current Opinion Clinical Nutrition Metab Care 2012, 15:392-396. [pdf]

Kim JS, Lê K-A, Mahurkar S, Davis JA & Goran MI Influence of elevated liver fat on circulating adipocytokines and insulin resistance in obese Hispanic adolescents Pediatric Obesity 7, 158-164, 2012. [pdf]

Samara A, Ventura EE, Alfadda AA and Goran MI Use of MRI and CT for fat imaging in children and youth: what have we learned about obesity, fat distribution and metabolic disease risk? Obesity Reviews 2012 [pdf]

Davis JN, Whaley S & Goran MI Effects of breastfeeding and low sugar sweetened beverage intake on obesity prevalence in Hispanic toddlers AJCN 95: 3-8, 2012. [pdf] [PubMed]

Dulin-Keita A, Casazza K, Fernandez JR, Goran MI & Gower BA Do Neighborhoods Matter? Neighborhood Disorder And The Effects On Serum Cortisol Levels In Children Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health 66: 24-29, 2012. [pdf] [PubMed]

Hasson RE, Adam TC, Davis JN, Kelly LA,  Ventura EE, Toledo-Corral C, Byrd-Williams C, Roberts CK, Lane CJ, Azen SP, Chou C, Spruijt-Metz, D, Weigensberg MJ & Goran MI Randomized control trial to improve adiposity and insulin resistance in obese African American and Latino Adolescents Obesity 20(4):811-8, 2012. [pdf] [PubMed]

Toledo-Corral CM, Vargas LG, Goran MI, Weigensberg MJ. Hemoglobin A1c above Threshold Level is Associated with Decreased b-Cell Function in Overweight Latino Youth. J Pediatrics. [pdf] [PubMed]

Weigensberg MJ, Bomberg E, Lane CJ, Nguyen-Rodriguez ST, Goran MI, Shoar Z, Wright T, Adam TC, Spruijt-Metz D Perceived Stress Independently Predicts Insulin Sensitivity in Obese Latino Adolescents Obesity (in press)

Hu HH, Li Y, Nagy TR, Goran MI, Nayak KS Quantification of absolute fat mass by magnetic resonance imaging: a validation study against chemical assay. Int J Body Composition Research (in press)

Davis JN, Ventura EE , Tung A, Munevar MA, Hasson RE, Byrd-Williams C, Vanni AK, Spruijt-Metz D, Weigensberg MJ, & Goran MI. Effects of a maintenance intervention on obesity and metabolic disease risk in overweight minority adolescents. Pediatric Obesity (in press)

Kim JS, Lê K-A, Mahurkar S, Davis JA & Goran MI Relationships Between Liver Fat, Circulating Adipocytokines and Insulin Resistance in Obese Hispanic Adolescents Pediatric Obesity (in press)

Rhodes ET, Goran MI, Lieu TA, Lustig RH, Prosser LA, Songer TJ, Weigensberg MJ, Weinstock RS, Gonzalez T, Rawluk K, Zoghbi RM, Ludwig DS, & Laffel LM Health-Related Quality of Life in Adolescents With or at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus J Pediatrics (in press)

M. Shih, K. A. Dumke, M. I. Goran and P. A. Simon The association between community-level economic hardship and childhood obesity prevalence in Los Angeles Pediatric Obesity, 2012. [pdf]


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