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L.A. Sprouts

LA Sprouts


gardeningThe LA Sprouts program aims to help children lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, motivate them to eat more fruits and vegetables, improve healthy eating resources, teach them to prepare and eat healthier meals, and reinforce positive perceptions of cultural foods through 12 weeks of gardening, nutrition and cooking lessons.

LA Sprouts is a collaborative effort by USC-CORC and the Milagro Allegro Community Garden in Highland Park that teaches students how to grow their own garden vegetables and cook healthy, acessible meals with them. Students also discuss healthy eating practices and nutrition with instructors and have the opportunity to visit a local farmers market once a month and to buy their own fresh fruits and vegetables using vouchers.

The impact of this program will be measured on a number of health outcomes including body mass index, percent body fat, waist circumference, blood pressure, dietary intake and other nutritional behaviors related to healthy eating and classroom engagement.


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