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(Strength and Nutriton Outcomes in Latino Adolescents)
PI: Michael Goran

SANO-LA seeks to understand body fat distribution, insulin resistance, insulin-like growth factors and binding proteins, inflammatory markers, and oxidative stress in overweight Hispanics during the critical period of adolescent growth.

The results from this project will be compared with the results from the STAND project, which uses a parallel study design in African Americans. The contrast between African Americans and Hispanics is of particular interest because these groups share similar pre-disposition to obesity, greater insulin resistance and risk for type 2 diabetes, but for the major types of cancer, African Americans have substantially greater risk than Hispanics.

The design of this cross-sectional study includes a 16-week intervention in which obese adolescents are randomized to 3 groups: control, nutrition education, or nutrition education plus supervised strength training. Biological data will be collected from fasting blood samples, oral glucose tolerance tests, and intravenous glucose tolerance tests; body composition will be assessed by DEXA and Bod Pod; fat distribution in the stomach area will be assessed by MRI; and additional measures will be examined using 24-hour dietary recalls and questionnaire data.


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