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(Food, Adolescence, Mood and Exercise Study)
PI: Donna Spruijt-Metz

The FAME Study seeks to examine the metabolic and behavioral links between dietary intake and its subsequent effects on physical activity in Hispanic and African American adolescents.

Overweight and obese youth come into an observation lab and consume high sugar and high fiber meals on separate visits. These study-specific meals are consumed for breakfast and lunch, and then an ad libitum food tray is served with an attractive assortment of healthy and high-sugar/high-fat snack options. Meal consumption is followed by intensive participant observation in which we quantify real-time physical activity while collecting biological, psychosocial, and behavioral data in a setting designed to offer equally attractive choices for active and sedentary behaviors.

FAME will provide new information on the acute effects that meal composition has on mood and subsequent choices of physical activity and food consumption. These findings may potentially lead to a better understanding of the acute effects that poor nutritional choices have on physical activity in adolescent populations at high risk for obesity, diabetes type 2, and other obesity-related diseases.


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