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(Diabetes Risk due to Ectopic Adiposity in Minority Youth)
PI: Marc J Weigensberg

DREAM will measure intra abdominal, hepatic, subcutaneous abdominal, hepatic and pancreatic fat accumulation in adolescents who are either at risk for overweight or overweight (at or above the 85th CDC age and gender specific BMI percentile) with normal glucose tolerance, or obese with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) in Latino and African American children and adolescents.

Measures of fat deposition and composition at the various sites will allow the identification of unique fat phenotypes related to explain differences in disease risk between Latino and African American populations.

Approximately 300 children and adolescents will be tested on glucose and insulin resistance and undergo an MRI, DEXA scan and IMT measurements in one outpatient visit and one inpatient visit.


National Cancer Institute KECK USC NCMHD Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

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